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Review: Changes [★★★★★]

Changes Cover Art

by Jim Butcher

My rating: ★★★★★
Read From: 18 January 2014 – 20 January 2014

This may be the most appropriate title of the entire series. Harry goes through more change in this one book than he has in the entire series to date. He discovers that he has a daughter. Friends die. A magical Power disappears forever. Harry changes jobs, makes peace with the Winter Court, loses his car, loses his home, and loses most of his possessions.

I enjoyed this book. That’s an odd thing to say when this much pain, suffering, and change is packed into one story, but it’s true. Harry faced some very tough choices and some no-win scenarios. He chose in a fashion that felt very true to the character that Butcher has created him to be. It’s hard to imagine how the series itself will change after the events of this story but that too feels right, given the potentially apocalyptic scope of the Powers that Harry continually faces.

Every series needs to change to avoid becoming stale, cliched, or repetitive. Butcher has proven that he can change this series and that he can continue to make it feel like a living reality and not just a static universe for telling the same stories over and over.