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Review: Side Jobs [★★★★☆]

Side Jobs Cover Art

Side Jobs
by Jim Butcher

My rating: ★★★★☆
Read From: 29 January 2014 – 5 February 2014
Goal: Series

I’ve now completed my goal of reading the entire Dresden Files series (everything except the graphic novels). This is not a novel, like the other books in the series. Rather, it’s all of the Dresden short stories that Jim Butcher has written.

Each story is told in the familiar first-person narrative. However, they’re not the end-of-the-world apocalypses that the novels tend to be. Rather, they’re the small cases that you always thought “Chicago’s only professional Wizard” would have. Most of the stories have an element of simplicity and fun that can be lost in the larger events of the novels.

There’s one of Harry’s first cases, when he was still an apprentice P.I. There’s the time he saved a bride from a vengeful faerie, the time he had a run-in with one of Grendel’s descendants, or the unfortunate vampire-LARP-turned-deadly that ensued when he tried to give his brother, Thomas, a birthday gift. There’s even a story told from Thomas’s point of view and one from Murphy’s point of view.

This wasn’t a page turner the way the full-length novels have been. But it was still fun and it did make Harry more well-rounded in a way that the novels don’t.