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Review: Small Favor [★★★☆☆]

Small Favor Cover Art

Small Favor
by Jim Butcher

My rating: ★★★☆☆
Read From: 14 January 2014 – 17 January 2014

The book opens on Harry Dresden enjoying a lighthearted snowball fight with the Carpenters. Out of nowhere, for seemingly no reason, he’s attacked by creatures from the Nevernever. He later discovers that they’re gruffs (as in “the billy goats gruff”), creatures of the Summer Court. Later, he’s attacked by creates of the Winter Court. Then he ends up in face offs with the Denarians and the Fallen.

This book has many great moments. Harry’s various battles with the gruffs are fun highlights. His continuing character development is good to see. But the overall plot felt messy. I spent most of the book wondering what was going on. That can be fine—Harry is the narrator and the audience is supposed to be confused if he’s confused. (He definitely should be confused, given the powers he goes up against.) In this case, I don’t think the overall actions of the various powers made a lot of sense. I felt confused because the plot itself was confusing and not all that coherent.

This story is important as a part of the overall Dresden story line but I don’t think it’s a great individual book.