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A Radically Different Approach to Health Insurance

John Goodman recommends A Radically Different Approach to Health Insurance:

Middle-class families need health insurance to protect themselves from the financial devastation of a catastrophic illness. But many (arguably, almost all) of the most serious defects of the health care system are created by third-party payment of medical bills.

After 5 years of supporting the billing departments of different healthcare organizations (and using my own healthcare), I've come to agree. Increasingly, I want the choice to spend my own healthcare dollars with the doctor of my choice, for the services of my choice, without having to get approval from an insurance company first.

I truly believe that the lack of competition in our current healthcare system is what's killing American healthcare. And we won't see true competition until we stop relying on someone else to pay our healthcare bills. Sadly, Obamacare will only make this problem worse.

Do read John Goodman's recommendation. He describes how you could pay for healthcare yourself without bankrupting yourself.

Obamacare delenda est