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Health Care Reform Beyond Obamacare

Health Care Reform Beyond Obamacare →

Former "car czar" Steven Rattner, fresh off of "rescuing" GM, is in favor of healthcare rationing by government bureaucrat.

We need death panels.

Well, maybe not death panels, exactly, but unless we start allocating health care resources more prudently — rationing, by its proper name — the exploding cost of Medicare will swamp the federal budget.

This is the inevitable result of third-party payment: some paper pusher will arbitrarily cut off care once you've "had enough". Or we can move back to buying healthcare like we buy everything else in life: paying for healthcare out of a mix of savings and insurance, shopping for the lowest price, and taking responsibility for deciding what is and isn't necessary. There is no middle ground here.

I know which way I want to go and it's not through rationing by a board of government "specialists".