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It's Easier to Get Welfare Than to Work

It's Easier to Get Welfare Than to Work →

John Stossel reports on "jobs centers" in New York City.

My intern learned a lot from this experience. Here are her conclusions:

  • It's easier to get welfare than to work.
  • The government would rather sign me up for welfare than help me find work.
  • America has taxpayer-funded bureaucracies that encourage people to be dependent. They incentivize people to take "free stuff," not to take initiative.
  • It was easier to find job openings on my own. The private market for jobs works better than government "job centers."

Yet now New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants to expand Workforce1, claiming that it helps people "find real opportunities." I bet he never sends people in to find out whether they really do.

Keep that in mind whenever you hear politicians talk about expanding work programs or job training programs.

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