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Louis DeJoy's USPS changes brought operational chaos, delays

This is a great example of someone at the top making changes to policies that they don’t like, without taking the time to find out what’s behind those policies or why they exist. In this case, the new Postmaster General wanted to ensure that all USPS trucks leave exactly on time. This, and other changes, is why everyone’s mail has been getting delayed this summer.

Louis DeJoy's USPS changes brought operational chaos, delays — Los Angeles Times

Bockman said the pressure to leave five minutes early means that about four times a week he has been driving down freeways with an empty trailer.

Requiring trucks to leave exactly on time, or early, can exacerbate other problems at sorting facilities, including machines breaking down, a shortage of workers or a higher volume of mail than usual, union leaders say.

The trucking schedule change “seemed like the smallest thing, but it was the biggest thing to hurt the Postal Service,” said Eddie Cowan, president of the L.A.-area chapter of the National Postal Mail Handlers Union.

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