Minor Thoughts from me to you

Why is this site empty? It's Kyle's fault

So I got into a little bit of a tiff on Facebook recently with a Creationist acquaintance and foolishly ended up promising to read any one book he desired. He chose Norman L. Geisler's I Don't Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist.

I found the choice almost serendipitous, since I once toyed with annotating another one of Geisler's books, his Big Book of Biblical Contradictions, before deciding I would rather do something else with my time (after all, I didn't leave the Church just so I could switch teams). Now, however, I flirted with the idea of following through with the project using I Don't Have Enough Faith.... The discovery that I_ Don't Have Enough Faith..._ is free to download on Google Books almost clenched it for me; I wouldn't have to worry about getting my copy back to the library on time.

Then I also found this lengthy but entertaining article by Kyle of ExChristian.net, in which he demolishes the same book point-by-point - and does such an effective job of it that I felt my enthusiasm disappear with every additional line I read.

Now I've finished and just don't care again.

So it goes.

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